Do Recruiters Really Use Monster and CareerBuilder?

Dear RSL,

Is it true that Recruiters don’t look for candidates on job boards such as Monster or CareerBuilder?  Do I even need to post my resume there?  How do you find people to fill your jobs?

While I would love to say that recruiting is easy and the perfect candidates find me, I never have to do any hard core searching; we all know that’s not reality.  So how do I go out and find that candidate?

How I go about finding candidates could be compared to how someone might hunt for the perfect gift.  I start out with certain things that I know for sure, or what’s called “basic qualifications” of candidates much like during a gift hunt you have an idea of what the recipient likes.  Where you might ask some leading questions to find out just what that perfect gift might be, I drill down further in talks with the hiring manager to determine what their ideal candidate would be.  Once the “ideal” is figured out, the hunt begins.

Your original question asked about job boards and if recruiters use them to find candidates.  The short answer is yes.  Just like you would check your local stores first to find if they had that perfect gift in stock, typically a recruiter will do a search of the resume databases of different job boards to determine if there are any “active” candidates (active meaning they are currently looking for a new position) that fit the qualifications of the position.

Once the job board databases have been searched, it’s on to search networking sites.  My preferred site is LinkedIn (although there are many, this is just one example) where I am extremely active in networking and over the years have built up a large network.  This could be compared to shopping online at known stores that you might not have access to locally.  I will search my network and different groups that I belong to on LinkedIn to find potential  candidates that meet the requirements of the position.

If after searching job boards and checking LinkedIn I’m still not able to find any qualified candidates, the next step for me would be to do some “deep web sourcing.”  Without getting into all the details, it would be like you doing a Google search for the perfect present after not being able to find it at different known stores.  This consists of using keywords and different search strings to attempt to find “passive” candidates (candidates who are not actively looking for a new position) that fit the requirements.

I do still use job boards, although that is just a very small part of my recruiting arsenal.  Make sure your resume is keyword rich for the types of positions you are interested in and the experience you have gained.  This will help recruiters like I find you, if you don’t find me first!

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